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They Don't Teach You Anything About Financial Freedom In School

It really sucks you know.

You spend 6 years in elementary school, 3 in middle, 4 in high, and 4 in college (if you’re lucky).

And after 17 long years, you still don’t know anything practical about money. Except that you have this huge student loan strapped to your back.

You know all about that.

But now you’re out. You’ve been working for a few years and you still don’t know a lot. What sucks even more, is that you feel like financial freedom isn’t even an option.

And that’s the worst part.

All of the travelling you thought you would do goes right down the drain… With the rest of the rent money. The dreams you had in school seem to fade.

Reaching financial freedom starts to feel impossible. It feels like a gift for someone else. A blessing that some receive and most others don’t.

But I have some news for you.

Financial Freedom Is A Choice, Not A Gift

A few weeks ago I was sitting in the lobby of a hotel in Houston TX. I had been working on my laptop for a few hours when the 20something girl behind the desk asked me what I was working on.

I told her that I help young people believe they can actually choose financial freedom.

We talked for a few minutes about money and the difficulty of learning to manage it.

Then she said something funny.

“Well, it’s not like I’ll ever be financially free or whatever, but I’d like to at least get out of debt,” she said.

And that made me really sad.

This girl had already told herself the lie that she could never reach a place with money where she felt free. Where she felt at peace. She hadn’t even hit 30 yet, but she had already settled for a financially burdened life.

Like so many of us.

We think that financial freedom is a gift you receive or a place that you reach. We think it either happens to you or it doesn’t. You’re lucky or you’re not.

But that simply isn’t true.

Financial freedom isn’t something that happens to you, it’s something that you actively choose…. Continue Reading

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