Your YNAB Problems, Solved

–> 1:1 YNAB Coaching <–

I’ll help you step-by-step to create a unique budget
that works for you and your family

Example Tutorial <- Click Here (We’ll do this together for you)

Why 1:1 Coaching?

Working 1:1 is my favorite way to help you. Making YouTube videos is a lot of fun, but I end up giving generic advice that works for the average viewer. 

But you aren’t the average viewer.

If you’re here, that means you’ve got a unique situation. Maybe you’re an entrepreneur, have a large family, work multiple jobs, get paid on an odd schedule, own real-estate, or have some other unique arrangement.

The bottom line is that average advice doesn’t work for you. What you need is customized advice to help you thrive in your unique position.

Here’s what each coaching session includes….

  • 90-minute 1:1 video call with screensharing
  • My notes and session summary
  • Next steps you should take
  • Unlimited email questions

Price per session: $225

I can’t wait to help you create a budget that finally works.

After our call, you’ll feel confident with your money and ready to tackle your goals. 

Remember, budgeting isn’t about being restrictive. Budgeting is about creating freedom and that’s exactly what I’m going to help you do.

– Nick


PS: If you have any questions email me – nick(at)mappedoutmoney(dot)com 🙂